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How to create new Database on phpmyadmin with Cpanel

If the hosting supports creating multiple Database, you can take advantage to create more Database to store data when building mobile application.

Different from creating new Database on Localhost. On the Hosting to create a Database phpmyadmin you need to create with Cpanel. If you don’t know how to do it, this article will help you.

How to create Database and User on phpmyadmin

To make a new Database on phpmyadmin, you need to Login to Cpanel’s hosting first.

Find the management of DATABASE options, select MySQL® Databases.


You will be taken to the MySQL® Databases interface. And you need to proceed to the following steps as follows:

  • Name the new Database at Create New Database. Select Create Database to create (the new Database will display a row right below).


  • Create Database, you proceed to create a new User for that new Database. You can use existing users, however you should create a new User to easily decentralize as well as more security.


  • Next, you will proceed to add User to Database. Select User and Database, select Add to enter the screen to assign permissions for User in Database.


  • Finally, you can select the necessary permissions for User on Database.


When you have completed the steps as I instructed above, to check again you go to Cpanel> DATABASES> phpmyadmin.


So, through the steps is quite easy to perform as above, you can create a new Database on phpmyadmin already. And if connecting to this Database when creating mobile application, you can refer to this article.


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