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How to customize Always On Display screen on Samsung Galaxy

Always On Display Screen is integrated into Samsung Phone from S7 series or above. This Screen is useful because it maintains the display of installed content, such as a clock, calendar and application notifications with less effect on Battery life.

In the most recent update, Always On Display has added some new features such as adding themes from the Galaxy store, applying on the Lock screen. So if you are not sure how to use and install Always On Display Screen, this article is for you.

Turn on Always On Display screen

First, go to Settings and select Lock screen and security (1). Next, change the Always On Display (2) status to On and if you want to customize screen, select Clock and FaceWidgets (3).


At CLOCK AND FACEWIDGETS Screen, you can customize the following as follows:


  • Clock style: this screen helps you choose the type of clock display or custom calendar.
  • FaceWidget: the screen allows you to specify only changes on the Always On Display screen or Lock screen or both.
  • Contact information: you can set a phone number or a text reminder.

Install Always On Display theme from Galaxy Themes.

To install a new theme for the Always On Display screen, open the Galaxy Theme and switch to the AODs tab (Always On Display). Then select an item that you want to install.


Next, select Apply.


So, you have decorated Lock screen and AODs is more interesting and beautiful.


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